Blog #1- Artist in Retreat- Nicaragua

Welcome to my blog! This is my first “blogging” experience, and I am grateful for a casual platform to be able to tell other people about our adventure in moving to Nicaragua. I have so much to say!
Divesting vs Investing:
Strange thing getting rid of all your possessions that you have carefully stored away for 30 years. ( like my two childhood teddy bears that have been friends since I was 8 months old) They came from South Africa with me, 35 years ago, moved from house to house and are now RIP in a cardboard box in my ex’s warehouse!
Oh well, what to do when you a faced with fitting your life in 4 suitcases?
You divest yourself of all things you formerly thought useful and precious. Those two words take on new meaning- useful: how many frying pans does a household need, 2? not six , for sure!
and all those drawings and report cards from your children, 3 children, 14 years of schooling, how many report cards is that?? and why, why do we keep all that stuff…. and I still felt kinda guilty chucking it all out!

New life choices create new opportunities but require that you shed your old skin and step bravely into a new situation, (with only 4 suitcases!)
We have Kijijied, garage saled, donated, begged, bargained and today we are left with a small percentage of what we used to own. I look around and still wonder how we are going to clean out this place by April 14th. Anybody want to invest in a banjo?

Investing in our future in Nica is not in the traditional sense, investing. To me, is not about spending money, in fact quite the opposite, how can we not spend $, how can we lessen our footprint, be more in touch with our earth, grow our own food, live off grid, take only what we really need and forget about big box stores!
We are choosing to invest in ourselves and our immediate world around us…… live the rest of our days in more balance, with ¬†less commercialism, less packaging, and a less media hype existence , (hope I never have to hear Donald Trump’s name ever again or ISIS)…… while sipping on a Tona on an almost deserted beach watching the sunset, knowing I do not have to pay for hydro and electricity. Now thats investment! Thats a happy investment, in a long and healthy future.