First month in Nicaragua

Where to start?
This month has been a crazy whirlwind blur…..we arrived safely , dogs too, after a 5 hour wait in customs to get the dogs out, but that’s another story!
We settled nicely into Casa Bamboo, on top of a hill , great view but costant crazy wind, my hair looked like a stick of cotton candy on my head! But at least it provided a measure of coolness, temps have been over a 100 degrees every day.
Unfortunately we had bad experience on day 5 with a home invasion and the f……. Took our phones and my computer, did not find Kens tablet which I am using now , that has been the most frustrating experience trying to retrieve data, contacts, passwords, and us both being computer challenged, it caused us many hours of unbelievable frustration ….and tears.
I am not IPad savvy but learning fast, please excuse my errors!
We then spend a number of days at the police station trying to understand what the heck inspector Eddie was saying in incredibly fast Spanish.
Must say the expat community and the local Nicas were incredibly supportive and helpful and shocked as this kind of thing does not happen here often, petty thievery yes , but not when you are home.
Anyway we have learned a big lesson on being more secure and observant.
Enough of that.
First day we rented a regular car but realized quickly that this is 4 wheel country for sure, the roads can be very rough and steep. We are trying to buy a bush wacking Nissan, frontier, I think. Got a great contact who works with expats finding them good cars. As we are not residents you technically can not own a car , but as always there is a way around that by the
Seller keeps the car in his name, strange but who knows????
Food: fruit here is fantastic, avocados, huge and creamy, pineapple juicy and sweet, calalla ( passion fruit) my fav, is fabulous…. As well as papaya,mangoes, oranges, melon, yum, and really cheap. The shop keepers will help you choose fruit for today or maybe tomorrow etc.
The chicken and beef here is good too. We spent about $35usd on meats that will give us 6 meals for the two of us.
Dogs: are settling in , willow loves the sea and jumps in the waves, daisy is a little suspect of the ocean but they both love a daily run, or 2 on the beach. They come to all the restaurants and places we go and have been extremely well behaved( probably still in shock about their new world)
Nothing is easy here, it has taken 4 daily trips to town to obtain a phone and the same with the bank acct we are trying to open, that’s still not done, feels like that movie Groundhog Day!! Same thing everyday.
On a typical trip out we arm ourselves with frozen water in bottles, and a cooler, a calculator, to convert cordobas, dictionary, doggie bowls and leashes, hats and sunscreen and sunglasses. Quite the performance!
We try to walk on the beaches every day and swim, we have about 10 different beaches to choose from all with in a half hour drive. The sea here is goergeous, warm and fun.
Rain: yes! A matter for great rejoicing here as they have had a 3 year drought, the smell after the rain is undiscribable nothing like I have smelt before. Things are starting to turn green befor our eyes.
This is an incredibly rough country, it is taking some toughness and resilience on our part and we learn a huge amount of new things everday, like don’t fill up with gas in our local town as the tanks leak and the gas gets water in it, better to go to the next town!
Our house is going nowhere, everything is on Nica time, really slow!! Very frustrating…
Scorpions: oh yes!!!! Ken has been bit 3 times, you need to check , shoes clothes, beds before you use them….. It was painful , and his lips started tingling but at least he did not have an extreme reaction. Oh boy!
So we bravely battle on in our new home country, looking forward to more discovers and challenges. Till next time
Hasta luego